Those are the standard sizes but I also work on other sizes upon your request. Prices can vary depending on how many subjects are in the image. All prices will be confirmed before starting the drawing. Please find how to place an order below.

1. Step : Choose a high quality image and decide the size you want the drawing to be . If you are unsure about the size please do not hesitate to send me an email and get some advise. I am happy to help anytime. Once you have decided the image and size send me an email at

2. Step: Once I have received the image, I will check the image for quality and will send you a confirmation with the price of the drawing and the delivery date. It will take up to 2-4 weeks to finish a drawing depending on size of the commission.

3. Step: I will send you an image of the finished drawing via Email. If you are happy with the commission it will be send to your provided delivery address. I charge only after you have confirmed that you are happy with the commission.

3 easy steps  to   order   a   commission


From £160


From £260


From £330


Below you can find my standard prices for commissioned drawings

3 easy steps to  order a commission


"I love it.... exactly what I wanted"

" This was a gift for my girlfriend's birthday as she loves lions and loved the drawing.  Perfect!"



Any questions? Email me:

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